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Multiple occupancy may combat rental loneliness (iStock)

Young people who rent property in areas they are unfamiliar with are among the most lonely in society, according to a...
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Overseas investors “push up prices” (Image credit - iStock)

Overseas investors putting their money into the UK property market have played a key role in driving up values, claim...
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London popular student accommodation city

London has come top in a new survey of popular worldwide student destinations.

Research from exam...
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New mortgage rules “tough” for buy-to-let landlords

New rules for buy-to-let mortgages are making it harder for many landlords to secure a loan for property, claims a ke...
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Maximising space could be key

Selling a home could be speeded up by taking steps to maximise the space on offer to buyers. There is little doubt a ...
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UK’s most expensive flats all in London (Image credit-iStock)

The country’s most expensive one-bedroom flats are all for sale in the capital, reveals new research.

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