Ahhhh happy birthday to you !! 

At least we are not in lockdown and you can celebrate in style! 

Although I’m sure you would much rather be checking your emails on Sunday ;)

Have a great day and thanks as ever for your support.  

You are by far the best, most positive and most organised person I have ever met :) Thank you! 

Kind regards

Doug Barber 

Barber Design Consultancy

September 2021

Thanks for your note on selling the flat. 

I am very flattered …. And thank the tenants for the kind offer …..  I will be honest and re emphasize that you and G&Co have made it such a delight and so super easy to rent the flat that I have no interest in selling. Secretly, I have always wanted to live there, but my job just keeps sending me to new overseas locations ….. I lived in Trafalgar court a few blocks up river for 5 years and loved it …. 

Thank you again for taking care of the flat for the last +15 years 

Ralph - August 2021

Good afternoon Rebecca

We are very well and so much the better for this news.  We are so grateful for all your help. We have been involved with property and agents for over 40 years now-up and down the country- and I can honestly say that your level of outstanding service beats them all.  Thank you so much.  Very best wishes. Paul

Rebecca - June 2021

And most importantly thank you Emily for doing an amazing job so far.  You are clued up about all the property and the works that had happened and since you’ve taken over, I feel the property are in the best hands, wonderful job you are doing despite the fact you have not been in this job long.  Hope you go on do very well where ever/whatever you do.

Emily – June 2021

Dear Ellen, 

Good evening. Two guys came and changed the boiler. Everything is working well now. We are so grateful. Please extend our thanks to the landlord as well. Thank you for attending to our needs immediately. Regards, 

Flat 22 Bowstead Court  - June 2021

Looks great.

What would I do without you Ellen! Thank you for doing such a great job. You’re the best agent I have had.

Ellen - June 2021

Many thanks to you and your team in the handling of the sale of my father's house. I have been very pleased that I took his neighbour's advice to put the sale in your firm's hands, and I have been very impressed with the professional manner in which you have acted for me. My best wishes for the future.

Steve - June 2019

"The whole process was just easy and simple. Rare in the current market. Tarryn was great to deal with and the whole team are efficient, communicative and a pleasure to deal with. "

Steve - February 2017


"Thank you for the excellent service you gave me Paul. You helped reassured me and gave me confidence of reaching an agreeable deal."

Usifu - November 2016


"Thomas did a fantastic job in organising tenants for my flat. Simple. Professional. Delivered."

Miles - October 2016