Is now the time to invest? Rent is on the rise again, reports state

Is now the time to invest? Rent is on the rise again, reports state

Investing in buy-to-let properties is all about hitting the market at the right time, capitalising on demand and making the most of it to increase yields and make a strong return on investment.

And it seems like now might just be one such time, with the latest reports stating that rental prices are on the rise as more and more people are looking to rent across the whole country, and particularly in London.

According to the findings published this week by Move With Us, the cost of renting a home in the UK has now risen beyond the £1,000 per month threshold for the first time in history, with London tenants now expected to shell out an average of £2,300 per month for the privilege of renting. 

In London and the south-east, this new figure is the highest historic figure, aside from the Olympic bubble, during which prices rocketed because of demand around the 2012 summer Games in the capital.

Robin King, director of Move With Us, said: "This record milestone emphasises that in certain regions across the country there isn't enough supply to keep up with demand in the private rental market. The regions around the capital have witnessed substantial growth in the last 12 months and have made a significant contribution to the national average rent going past £1,000 for the first time."

This low level of supply, and the issue that it causes thanks to a continued strong demand, means that there is a real gap for landlords to exploit at the moment. 
Confidence is high among buy-to-let owners already, and for those looking to improve their returns, it could really be the time to purchase more properties for this purpose. 

And it may be the perfect chance to score a return increase for landlords, with predictions from Move With Us stating that the 4.6 per cent increase seen in the past 12 months may well be replicated in the next year, taking rental prices to their peak.