Nine Elms: Why investing in new areas of London is a good strategy

Nine Elms: Why investing in new areas of London is a good strategy [Photo: istock/Frederic Prochasson]

Known as 'the last piece of the Central London jigsaw', Nine Elms on the South Bank of the River Thames is one of London's newest and most exciting areas of regeneration. Soon, there will be a raft of exciting, modern new homes available in the centre of a city where it's often perceived that there's little in the way of space for new homes and new places to live. 

But as Nine Elms gets ready to come to fruition, is this one of the best places in the UK to buy a home and move to? The short is answer is yes, and the reason is simple; new developments and new areas of regeneration of this can often bring about local changes that see exciting opportunities and new facilities that are not available elsewhere, and for the right demographic, this can make for the perfect place to live. 

Here, we take a look at a few key reasons why Nine Elms, and any other regenerated areas, can make the perfect place to buy, and a fantastic place to choose to live. 


For those looking to live in London, one of the biggest sticking points can be finding a job. But one of the largest benefits of new areas and the regeneration that takes place in locations like Nine Elms is that jobs tend to come with the process, which can mean living and working in close proximity, and finding your dream job and dream home in one almost unbelievably convenient package. 

Between now and the end of the project in 2022, it is believed that there will be more than 20,000 construction jobs created in Nine Elms, and by the time the regeneration has come to an end, estimates are that there will be more than 25,000 permanent jobs in place in the area across a range of exciting sectors, which will really help give the new area a life and a local atmosphere. 


A few decades ago, the South Bank area that is home to Nine Elms would not have exactly been the best place to live, being the heart of industrial Central London that it was. But as time has passed, so has this historic use of the area, which has given way to a new way of life in the area. The London Eye, National Film Theatre and Royal Festival Hall are just a few of the places that have brought the South Bank to life and made it something of a cultural hub. 

And of course, not only do these places make the South Bank a great place to live, but the regeneration of the area and the creation of Nine Elms will only improve this, making the area just a fantastic place to be and spend your life. Look forward to seeing fresh, distinctive nightlife hotspots, as well as hip cafes and bars, as well as a whole new town centre that will make Nine Elms your own little haven in the centre of the capital. And that's without even mentioning the benefits to family life. New schools and parks will also be brought to the area, making it the perfect place to live, work and raise a family. 


One of the biggest benefits that comes with new areas like Nine Elms, particularly in London, is the fact that it doesn't initially come with the same price tags that come hand in hand with some of the more established areas of the capital. 

This can mean that you can live right in the centre of the city, without having to pay the same sky high prices that might be found in surrounding areas, which gives you an opportunity to live somewhere exciting and quickly rising, but without having to pay through the nose just to do so.