Home Selling FAQ’s



Q. Are there any additional marketing costs for selling my home?

A. Yes, once instructed you will need to obtain an EPC certificate. We can arrange this for you at £75 + VAT.

Q. If I accept an offer will my property still be viewed?

A. No, once an offer has been accepted and solicitors details given there is no need to conduct any additional viewings unless the purchaser would like to revisit your property.

Q. Do I have to pay stamp duty when selling my home ?

A. No the purchaser pays the stamp duty tax.

Q. Do I have to pay Capital Gains Tax?

A. If you own one than more property you could be liable to pay Capital Gains. It is always best to speak to a financial advisor to see how this affects you.

Q. Where are my title deeds?

A. They will be logged with the land registry, a copy would have also been given to you when you originally purchased the property.

Q. Who will conduct viewings on my property and when will they occur?

A. A member of our sales team will conduct applicants on all viewings, this will happen at a pre-arranged time which is convenient to you.

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