A guide to virtual house viewings

Sofa in property being viewed

Moving to a new house is currently a very different experience to what it used to be.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK, the way we go about many of our usual day-to-day activities has changed dramatically, including viewing properties.

During lockdown, virtual property viewings have become the norm. And they work – we’ve seen buyers choose their new homes without ever physically stepping foot in them. Even when we return to some sense of normality, it’s likely that virtual viewings will continue to be a popular choice.

As a result, homeowners must consider how they present their property to ensure it gives the best possible first impression during a virtual viewing. After all, it’s not as easy to convey the feel of a property virtually, and many of the traditional tips such as baking bread, aren’t relevant.

House ready for a virtual viewing

Here are our top tips to effectively styling your space for a virtual viewing:

1. Create the right first impression

Like physical viewings, creating the first impression for a virtual viewing is crucial. Start by ensuring any noise is kept to a minimum, such as turning music off, putting phones on silent  and making sure others in the house are quiet. Any noises could distract and put off any potential buyers watching the viewing.

It is also important to create a welcoming space. Do this by opening the curtains and making sure all lights are switched on before filming starts. The person filming should also be encouraged to take their time while exploring the property. While it may feel unnatural, to pick up all the details needed, the person filming should record much more slowly than what would normally feel appropriate.

2. Clean and tidy

As with any other type of viewing, it’s important that your home is clean and tidy ready for the virtual viewing. Your viewers may not be there in person, but they’ll still be able to see anything that’s out of place or cluttered. Remove everything that doesn’t need to be there so viewers can see the space and it’s potential rather than be distracted by your belongings.

Dust the leaves on your plants and remove any dead leaves, ensure there is no clutter, and touch up any scuffs on paintwork. You should also ensure that your windows are nice and clean to let as much light in as possible.

3. Show every part of every room

If you leave certain areas of a room out of shot, even if it’s unintentional, your buyers will be suspicious and worry that there’s something to hide. Make sure you show the entirety of each room in the house, even opening the cupboards and showing behind the doors. This will also help them to fully visualise the potential of the space if they were to make a purchase.

4. Show off your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the main rooms in any house, so make sure you present yours in the best possible light. Tidy your cupboards so you can show viewers how much space is inside, remove any clutter from your worktops, and show off your favourite appliances to give an idea of items in situ.

Make sure you show your viewers every storage area – this is a key selling point.

5. Style your bathroom

A few finishing touches will ensure your bathroom looks appealing and will help your viewers imagine themselves relaxing in it. Ensure any clutter is out of sight, add in a few plants and candles, and present your soaps and shampoos in stylish jars. You should also demonstrate how any fittings work, particularly any hi-tech fittings or fixtures.

Your virtual viewing is an important opportunity to showcase all that your property has to offer. Take your time and don’t rush through each room to enable view to really soak up what your asset has to offer and its potential.  

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